Sunday, 2 December 2012

DIY Ikea Hack: how to install Ikea Lack floating shelves in the kitchen

The main wall in my kitchen which is immediately visible from both entrances was bare and lacklustre when i first moved in. All the storage was on the opposite wall. Initially i liked the feeling of space the big bare wall gave but after some time, as the rest of my apartment starting filling up, it seemed too stark and cold.

I could have installed cupboards similar to what was already on the other side of the wall, but my kitchen is fairly small and i didn't want to enclosed the space in a sea of cupboards; but i needed extra storage. And that's when the floating shelves came in to save the day. Storage - yes. Obtrusive - no. Easy to install - yes.

As i do with most of my diy projects, i first Googled images for inspiration. I searched for kitchen layouts  and styles similar to mine and then looked for different shelf style - colour and size - to determine what would work best in the space.

Kitchen Floating Shelves Inspiration

Ikea Lack Floating Shelves Before

I settled on two rows of long shelves. I had to think about the exact length. Do i extend the row up to the edge of the tiling or only to the end of the bottom cupboard? 

If i extend the shelving to the end of the tiling, then the last ~30-40 cms would hang over the counter. I wanted an even and linear look, so i decided to extend the shelving to the end of the square edge of the counter.

Ikea Lack floating wall shelf ~$40 each. I bought 4 - 2 per row.

Ikea Lack Floating Shelves During

I had my dad help me install the shelves. My walls are brick so we couldn't just screw in the shelve brace. We needed to:
  • Mark out brace and screw placement 
  • Drill a hole for each screw placement
  • Insert and glue plastic piping or a screw guard
  • Position brace and screw in nails
  • Once the bottom shelf was done, we measured and marked the position of the top shelf with a leveler.

Ikea Lack Floating Shelves After

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For another kitchen project see my post on making a custom chalkboard wall - you can see the beginning stages of this project in the above image.


  1. Hi!
    Great post! Did the brace come with the shelves? Did you make it or buy it somewhere else?

    1. Thanks! The brace came with the floating shelf I bought at Ikea. It was sold together. :) P

  2. Great job sweets! Wish I had my Da to help! The bar was a nice touch!!! ����

  3. Sorry if this posts twice! Really like the work and wanted to know how you got the lights under that last picture?

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Jeremy! I'm not sure which lights you're referring to, but if it's the 5-arm pendant ceiling light - I got that at a country/french provincial furniture in Australia. But you might be referring to the light under the floating shelves - there actually isn't a light there. I think the sunlight from the window on the side is reflecting on the wall tiles to give that illusion. I had considered installing lights under each row of shelves but I have double brick walls and no nearby power outlet, so could find a convenient and clean way to do that, so left them as is.

      Hope that answers your question.

      Thanks for the comment.